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Need for a Sensible Cuba Policy

How times have changed! There was a time when most of the countries in the Western Hemisphere agreed with Washington’s hostile policy toward Cuba and cooperated with it. Now the U.S. is alone. It is the only country in this … Continue reading

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An Isolated and Outdated U.S. Cuba Policy

In what can only be seen as an important victory for Cuba and a rebuff to U.S. policy toward the island nation, on the last weekend in January the Community of Latin American and Caribbean states (CELAC), meeting in Santiago … Continue reading

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U.S.-Cuban Relations and the Gross Case

One often notes a certain surreal quality in U.S.-Cuban relations. Recently, for example, statements out of the State Department have suggested that everything hinges on the Gross case, that the U.S. will take no steps to improve relations with Cuba … Continue reading

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U.S Cuba Policy Rejected By All

The outcome of the recent Summit of the Americas was a total embarrassment for the United States – and not just because of the misconduct of the Secret Service detail. Our Cuba policy was roundly condemned by virtually all other … Continue reading

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Romney’s Skewed White Paper on Cuba

On January 25, the Romney campaign issued a White Paper on Cuba and Latin America stressing that, unlike the Obama administration’s policy of appeasement toward Cuba, Romney’s would be one of no appeasement and no accommodation; rather, it would be … Continue reading

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Cuba in the Republican Debate

This year’s primary season has resulted in few policy statements on the United States’ relationship with Cuba, until last night. With the primaries now focused on Florida, Republican candidates’ views on the Castro brothers and the United States’ policy toward … Continue reading

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