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Need for a Sensible Cuba Policy

How times have changed! There was a time when most of the countries in the Western Hemisphere agreed with Washington’s hostile policy toward Cuba and cooperated with it. Now the U.S. is alone. It is the only country in this … Continue reading

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New Rationale for Keeping Cuba on the List?

The U.S. could quickly and painlessly indicate a change in its policy toward Cuba by removing it from the list of “state sponsors of terrorism,” given that there is no valid evidence whatever that Cuba should be on the list.  … Continue reading

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The Shame and Harm of Keeping Cuba on the Terrorist List

A State Department spokesman stated on May 1 that Washington has no plans to remove Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. Hopefully, wiser heads will prevail and it will soon be removed. As CIP’s reports over the … Continue reading

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An Isolated and Outdated U.S. Cuba Policy

In what can only be seen as an important victory for Cuba and a rebuff to U.S. policy toward the island nation, on the last weekend in January the Community of Latin American and Caribbean states (CELAC), meeting in Santiago … Continue reading

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U.S.-Cuban Relations and the Gross Case

One often notes a certain surreal quality in U.S.-Cuban relations. Recently, for example, statements out of the State Department have suggested that everything hinges on the Gross case, that the U.S. will take no steps to improve relations with Cuba … Continue reading

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UN General Assembly Vote on US Economic Sanctions Again Shows The Total Isolation of U.S. Policy Toward Cuba

On November 13th, for the 21st year in a row, the UN General Assembly shot down the United States’ economic sanctions against Cuba in flames. This year, the vote was 188 to 3, with only Israel and Palau voting with … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy’s Impact in Cuba

Understandably, all our attention has been on the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Sandy on the Northeastern coast of the United States. Loss of lives and property damage have been appalling. We should note, however, that Cuba is a fellow sufferer. … Continue reading

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