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Reflections on the 1962 Missile Crisis

After the Bay of Pigs, as it became increasingly clear that Cuba would have a close relationship with the Soviet Union, it occurred to Khrushchev that perhaps the Soviet Union could place missiles in Cuba, just as the U.S. had … Continue reading

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Cuba Eases Restrictions on Travel Controls: Implications for the United States

As we have all seen, the Cuban government has just announced a significant easing of controls on the travel of Cubans abroad. Most significantly, most Cubans will no longer have to seek prior approval from the government. They will not … Continue reading

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Romney’s Skewed View

In his October 8 foreign policy speech, Mitt Romney suggested that our Latin American neighbors want to resist the failed system of Fidel Castro and to deepen ties with the U.S., but are uncertain of U.S. support. “Where does the … Continue reading

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