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Romney’s Skewed White Paper on Cuba

On January 25, the Romney campaign issued a White Paper on Cuba and Latin America stressing that, unlike the Obama administration’s policy of appeasement toward Cuba, Romney’s would be one of no appeasement and no accommodation; rather, it would be … Continue reading

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Cuba in the Republican Debate

This year’s primary season has resulted in few policy statements on the United States’ relationship with Cuba, until last night. With the primaries now focused on Florida, Republican candidates’ views on the Castro brothers and the United States’ policy toward … Continue reading

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The Cases of Alan Gross and the Cuban Five

By Salim Lamrani, with contributions from Wayne Smith The way may be opening for increased U.S.-Cuban ties. The United States has removed all restrictions on Cuban-American travel from the U.S. to Cuba and all limitations on Cuban-American remittances to families … Continue reading

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More Intrigue Regarding the Cuban Five

Stephen Kimber’s forthcoming book “ What Lies Across the Water?” is perhaps the most complete account of the Cuban Five I’ve yet read – and I came away from reading it with a  renewed sense of depression. No wonder! The … Continue reading

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Welcome to CIP’s Cuba Report

Welcome to the Center for International Policy’s Cuba Report – a blog by CIP’s Cuba Project.

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